eCon Engineering Kft.

During the development phase and also today we cooperate with eCon Engineering Kft. In a recent project (KFI-112) they developed a 3D corrected Virtual Blade Model (3D-VBM) utilising Artificial Intelligence which accurately simulates the propeller induced flow and propeller-airframe interaction phenomena. Within this project CFD models were verified with in-flight test data showing a very good agreement. Altus is the perfect aircraft for calibrating and testing such CFD models and techniques, as we can fly with running or with stopped and feathered propeller. So, the propeller influence during flight test could be measured directly. Later on, the 3D-VBM and CFD models can be used to optimise the aircraft even further over its flight envelope.

Prop wash over the fuselage

CFD vs. Measurement (Flight test performed with kiel / prandtl probes and static ports)

Probably the first ever simulation of a light aircraft engine compartment flow


Altus played a central role in the music video of the singer and songwriter LINDA. She loves Altus so much, that she has joined flight competitions, and also broke two FAI world record with Altus.