5 FAI World Records / 1600km range / 200km/h cruising / 150m take off    / 230kg useful load / 50kg luggage / easy to fly  

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ALTUS means Altitude,
Altitude is life 

"For many of us the sky is the limit, for some of us the sky is not the limit, for me the sky is home"

I was born to give You freedom, to stop the daily rush, and bring You to breathtaking sceneries. Safe, fast and simple.  You can turn off the engine of the aircraft and fly me hundrends of kilometers in silence, with the power of nature. Or we can just cross mountains over 4000 meters. It is all up to You.  

Fly 3000 meter high IN JUST 15 MINUTES


We use only the finest materials and the most advanced tools and technical solutions to build our aircraft. Galaxy rescue system is standard equipment. To make Altus the best Touring Motorglider, we designed the cargo compartment big enough to fit 2 electric scooter and extra bags for a perfect tour. 50 kg luggage is allowed to carry.

Demo flight

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